Number of complaints over police handling of sex attacks and domestic violence soars

See quote from WAR below. Revelations prompt warnings that forces are failing the most vulnerable victims, with campaigners saying police response is ‘matter of life and death’ • Harriet Agerholm The Independent • @HarrietAgerholm • 17 February 2018 Domestic abuse accounts for eight per cent of all recorded crime The number of complaints received by … Read more

Savile, Rochdale, Wales, Jersey . . . Justice this time? Or more ‘lessons’ in how to get away with rape?

Complicity followed by incompetence in the Savile case landed the BBC in deep waters, to the delight of those who wish to undermine public broadcasting and to the chagrin of the taxpayer who foots the bill. But let’s not take our eye off the ball and forget all those others who are culpable. Eileen Fairweather is right … Read more